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Feel free to erase this bit here if you reblog, but I just wanted to explain why I made this. Very recently I got into an argument online with a white woman about a film that executed a white savior trope. I explained all the things I found problematic in the film and why I thought it was racist, and she told me that I was both nit-picking and white-shaming. I was also called a hypocrite and a racist (against white people).

I could see that this white woman was set in her willful ignorance, and that any further arguing would only make me more frustrated and her more self-righteous. So instead, I made this (lovely, if I can so myself) powerpoint rather than metaphorically bashing my head against a brick wall in continuing a conversation with her. 

May this help you in all your efforts, even if it couldn’t help me in mine. 

- Jennifer 

P.S. So I don’t know if someone has made a powerpoint for racism before (I’m sure someone has), but I haven’t seen one. Please link it to us if you have! 


this is fucking stupid in every facet.
"the institution of whiteness"

i just lost it.

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—Youngest Daughter


Youngest Daughter // Daylight [Superheaven]

Breathe until your lungs fail. 
You can sing till you go deaf. 
Everyday that you don’t call her, 
I can feel it. You’re coming down. 

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Today’s haul.

Today’s haul.

I always wonder if I’ll end up alone.

This is the first time in my life that I can think of that there hasn’t been a girl even remotely in my life. Not one that I’m “talking to” or dating or anything. It’s weird but nice. Not stressing about anything and only worrying about myself.

Here’s a friendly reminder:


-You cannot be sexist toward men. Sexism is based on a system of oppression. You CAN be discriminatory, rude, inconsiderate, and/or prejudiced against men but you CANNOT be sexist toward them.

-You cannot be racist towards white people. Racism is based on a system of oppression. You CAN be discriminatory, rude, inconsiderate, and/or prejudiced against white people but you CANNOT be racist toward them.

This is not difficult.


 [rey-siz-uh m] - hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
im just saying.. not saying that i, as a young white male, am oppressed, but there are people that i have encountered in my life that are racist toward all white people in general, and were prejudiced against me strictly based on the fact that i am white. but you know, everyone sees things differently, i guess.

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